Perhaps “understanding the universe” is an appropriate purpose for humans. Maybe, understanding the universe includes understanding how we create it. We have all noticed that engagement with the details of living can distract us from contemplation and understanding … Or, when the “chopping wood and carrying of water” in daily life becomes a meditation in and of itself, then the daily chores can help raise awareness –

Are curiosity and creativity different?
One looks outward with interest to see what is there.
The other FLOWS outward with brilliance to bring something new into existence.
But, what if we create what we see?
What if we bring into existence everything we are aware of?
Including the eyes we see it with and the brain that records what we see, and the people who see things differently than we do, and the shimmering waves of quanta corpusculating through the ether?
Space coming into existence repetitively; automatically.

Creation of space and time: old chores, gone onto “autopilot” so long ago we have forgotten.
(You are so hugely more capable than you currently imagine!)
Create some space and time for yourself and we will all benefit.

So speculation aside…

If, in a sudden flash of insight, you came to realize that you actually DO create your own reality – literally. That you create everything you perceive… Would you do anything differently than you are now?


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