Elwha Hike

The Elwha basin in the Olympic National Park has had a huge dam removed, and salmon (and other fish) are returning.  I decided to take a bit of a break from humans during August, and this was one of the places I chose to vanish into for a while.


Lots of dayhikers come this way I am guessing.



This is “Michael’s Cabin,” an early settler up in the area.  The cabin is preserved in memory of a few of the folks who moved up into the mountains in the 1800s.


Nice place to live!


Or camp… perched above the flood plain.



The mosquitoes attacked right at supper cooking time!  I’m not a fan of bug spray, so glad I had the bug repellent kerchiefalong that Rhi gave me.  May look odd, but worked a charm.


Morning visitors.


This kind of lichen is a symbiosis of algae and fungi that include some photosynthetic bacteria who are capable of taking nitrogen out of the air and turning it into fertilizer.  Enough to supply an old growth forest!


I don’t mind that someone has built a bridge for me.  It so beats scrambling muddy!


Reminded me of the Robert Frost poem about ways diverging in a wood and of lesser paths taken.  Riffed on that theme for a bit.  Word juggling as I hiked.  Paths constantly diverge in a quantum wood. Each decision or action could go one way or another or many others.  What if each path is taken by an alternate self? Hundreds and then thousands and then millions of alternative universes.  Maybe it is some of them I glimpse in dreams.


Just an occasional salmon berry to remind me how late in the season it is up in the mountains.  (Yes, they taste great.)


Who says trees are incapable of grasping and lifting? It just takes them a while!


Something about high-up country that I find liberating; good for the soul.


Headed down now.  But I will be back…